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Wearing Two Bags for Style and Convenience

Wearing Two Bags for Style and Convenience

Anna Bravington

Anna Bravington

Wearing 2 bags for Style and Convenience






Our founder, Rusi, loves to mix style with practicality. Wherever she goes, whether into the city, or out exploring you can often catch her wearing two bags – a smaller crossbody bag, and a larger bag to carry all those other essentials.

Rusi says: “Carrying two bags can be very practical, I like to take a smaller bag for valuables such as phone, purse and keys, and then a larger bag for other essentials such as my water bottle, small shrug, makeup and accessories.”

“Wearing two bags doesn’t have to be cumbersome, it can look incredibly elegant if you get the pairing right. I like to use one of my RusiDesigns small crossbody or clutch bags and pair it with one of my larger tote bags in a complementary or contrasting colour. The smaller crossbody is perfect for ensuring you don’t have too many bags in your hands.”

Over the last few years there have been numerous celebrities that have embraced the two-bag trend, Rusi has picked out some of her favourite ones to give you ideas on how to carry and style two bags at the same time.

Capsule Clutch outfit


Rusi shows us some other great examples of styling two bags. Bags can be styled to be elegant for going out to dinner, or casual for that trip around town. 

two bags in Italy
Mezzaluna Tote Bag in Red
c00840ed7ac49e7dfe35765a63bb8dee scaled
Handpainted red Capsule Clutch
Capsule clutches
Green Capsule Clutch sn


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