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Welcome to RusiDesigns

RusiDesigns is a luxury designer handbag and accessories brand founded and creatively brought to life by Rusi Hancock, a Georgian born British designer.

Rusi’s career has taken many twists and turns over the years. With a number of degrees and diplomas, from a Bachelors and a Masters in Environmental Chemistry, to Diplomas with Distinction in Art & Interior Design, her life as the spouse of a British Diplomat has made it difficult to set down roots in one, set career. On the other hand, it was exactly this varied background and nomadic way of living that inspired Rusi to create and pursue a global fashion business.

RusiDesigns at a glace

Here are some images of us and our proud moments.

Handbags handcrafted in Italy – Her creations come to life in one of the best factories in Italy, used by renowned brands like Chanel, Chloé and Delvaux. Rusi is passionate about creating beautiful handbags that exude artisanal quality, ooze style and bring unmatched practicality.

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Made to last – Her borderline obsession with fine details means that she personally hand selects every piece of leather, zip and hardware showcased on her bags. Her bags are not only desirable, but made to last – because as Rusi says “the world does not need another throw away fashion brand”.

Statement Fashion Jewellery – Rusi also creates a small number of handcrafted statement fashion jewellery and accessories in her West London studio.

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What our customers say about RusiDesigns

Customers all over the world purchase products from RusiDesigns. Their satisfaction is our top priority.

Incredibly beautiful bags!

Have my own mini-collection. Can’t wait for Spring/Summer season.

Emma M.

Newscastle, UK

Simply exquisite bags…

Can not wait to start wearing my new bag.

Maria C.

Bangkok, Thailand

You bring so much joy!

Thanks for sharing your fabulous creativity thought your “Rusi Treasures”.

Linda H.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Quite simply, they work!

They are so well made, with incredible attention to detail.
I have always loved handbags and had quite a collection before discovering Rusi bags, but these days I find it hard to use anything but Rusi.

Rachel M.

London, UK