Caring for your RUSI 

RusiDesigns products are manufactured by Italian craftsmen using many traditional and hand-crafted procedures. 

Please look after them and they will delight you years to come. 

Here at RusiDesigns we feel light weathering is a part of the charm and story rather then damage but here are some tips to keep your bags last longer. 

General care   

- keep any pens, lipsticks, liquids, oils in the special pouches if placing inside the bag or next to the bag or they could stain the natural leather skin exterior and/or interior. Ink is the number one enemy! Never put a pen in the bag without protective case. 

- do not carry heavy books or other unusual objects that could change the shape of the bag. Natural leather handbags are not designed for a heavy materials. Leather is a skin and you need to look after it.       
-If  gets wet please mop the water and place the bag in dry place to air dry, but never into the direct sunlight!.  You can also use acid free tissue paper inside the bag to keep the shape. 

-Keep the bag away from prolonged exposure to extreme humid conditions or direct heat. 

-  keep them away from sharp objects 

-Do not place your bags on the floor. Floor is dirty and you do not want all the bacteria on your bag do you?  


-Please use gentle baby wipes for a quick clean of leather and dry with a tissue immediately. ( but always test on a small part first).  

-Metallic finishes are delicate and may wear a little when worn with dark fabrics or in wet conditions 

- For  light leather bags its best to  treat the leather beforehand with a good quality leather protector balm or spray.  

- Be especially careful in wet conditions as strong die from fabric (particularly Denim, purple, black etc) can stain the bag. 

- Please remember leather is a natural skin and needs looking after.   

- We also recommend to give your RusiDesigns bag a rest from time to time. 


How to store your bags 


-store bag flat in dark, dry place in its original dust bag with some non acid tissue paper inside for maintaining the shape.  

-Do not store your leather bag in plastic bag for a prolonged period of time.  

-Do not store your bag in a humid storage.  

 -It is also advisable to avoid humid storage areas.

-use dehumidifier in the area where bag is kept. 

-Always clean your bag before storage. 

- Take your bag to a professional Bag Spa for deep cleaning and conditioning. 




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